Guided tour to Palacio Real de Madrid

Discover on our guided visit to Royal Palace the immense heritage of this historic and extraordinary residence inhabited by the Spanish royal family until 1931. In addition, this tour allows you to avoid long queues at the entrance.
Guided tour to the Royal Palace of Madrid
The Royal Palace was built over the course of two decades, from 1738 to 1759, which makes sense when you realize that we are talking about the largest Royal Palace in Western Europe, where there are more than 3,000 rooms, practically double the size of the Palace of Versailles or Buckingham Palace.
Facade of the Royal Palace
Our tour is centred on the grand protocol rooms, many of which are still used for official acts. On the other hand, the Palace is no longer used by the Spanish monarchs as a residence, which was the case for monarchs from Felipe V to Alfonso XIII.
Iglesia - ChurchTapices - hangings
Therefore, the Royal Palace has become one of the most luxurious that Spain has had in recent centuries. This will be apparent from the first moment of the tour, when we ascend the monumental marble and granite staircase, where the crest of the royal family and a statue of Carlos III bid us welcome.
Crest of the Royal Family

Those stairs will take us to the second floor, where the great official rooms are located. We will visit some of the rooms, like the Hall of the Halberdier, the Porcelain Cabinet, the Hall of Mirrors or the Throne Room, where the king solemnly receives his guests. The furniture, decorations, tapestries, paintings and numerous clocks in all of the rooms will surprise you.
Salón del trono - Throne roomComedor - Dinning room
We will also visit the Royal Chapel, which is for the monarchs’ private use. It is a first-class work of architecture decorated with rococo and neoclassical paintings that ornament the walls and the large semi-circular cupola.

The Royal Chapel is the best finale we can think of for this guided visit through the Royal Palace of Madrid. However, we recommend visiting other places on your own, such as the impressive Armory, where some of the best collections of armaments from the 16th and 17th centuries are displayed.

Neither should you miss the opportunity to walk through the Gardens of Sabatini, located behind the Palace, where you will be able to walk among trees, floral gardens and spectacular fountains.
Sabatini Gardens
Finally, we also encourage you to take a walk through the Plaza de Oriente, where you can see the main facade of the palace, a great equestrian sculpture of King Felipe IV and statues of the old Spanish kings.
Sculpture of Felipe IV
Plaza de Oriente is a good place to say goodbye to the solemn monument that is the Royal Palace, which, thanks to our visit, you are now much more familiar with.